Tim Booth on how Donald Trump ‘sneaked in’ to James’ new album

Singer Tim Booth needs to create it clear that his band James’ latest album, Living in Extraordinary Times, isn’t associate degree album concerning Donald Trump.

Well, not entirely.

The gap track whorl makes no arrange to fake it’s something aside from a full-on musical assault on the Trump administration.

To the beat of a room-shaking, military drum section, Booth sings concerning “white fascists within the White House”, adding lines concerning the Black Lives Matter protests (“bend your knee and stand your ground”) and therefore the rather stark declaration “this president’s a dangerous tool”.

The USA president’s shadow will loom over the band’s fifteenth studio album, recorded beneath the steerage of Alt-J’s Mercury Prize-winning producer Charlie saint.

But Booth says: “I restricted the amount of songs I wrote concerning Trump, however there square measure a number of that square measure still most likely influenced by him. we have a tendency to square measure in extraordinary times.

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“Because I do see loads of positives. he is a chemical change figure who’s rousing loads of individuals with Black Lives Matter gaining additional impetus and therefore the American state highschool youngsters standing up to the pressure group, and ladies square measure positively going: ‘We’re not having this any further.'”

As somebody UN agency has joint UK-US status and has lived in CA for the past decade, Booth has sturdy opinions on the USA president.

The other political song is Heads, which has the lyrics “It’s simply a fever of greed/Don’t believe the White yankee Dream/God bless inequality/The poor vote the made to hammer nails in their feet”.

The Bradford-born singer, UN agency left the united kingdom for his adopted motherland round the time Barack Obama began his presidency, insists the song is applicable to political and power imbalance anyplace within the world.

“The minute you get with affluent powerful men, democracy goes out the window. cash buys you no matter you would like in America,” he says.

“We complained concerning the MPs’ expenses, that were smallest extremely. however over there nearly each politician is receiving millions from affluent people and firms to assist them get electoral.”

Booth insists that – despite the lyrics “Fake news divides to conceal/History’s made get to stay no matter they steal – Heads is really positive in its outlook.