Babies Development

During the first year of the babies’ life, the first thing that is being noticed is the physical growth. The infants’ weight is doubled in six months and tripled in a year.

During the growth not only does the weight and height is increased but as well the head and the chest that causes the development of the heart, lung,  brain and several other organs that are used for the survival.

The bones in the infant start to harden as well as the skull. After two years of the infant’s life his/, her brain has developed 75% of its adult weight.

The size and growth of the baby also depend on its nutritional diet during the pregnancy of mother and during his/her life, during the mother’s pregnancy if she doesn’t follow a nutritious diet than the baby might have some difficulties later.

Fine motor skill:

This skill comprises of the process where the infant can hold a toy and switch it between the small hands; it is also the time where he/she gets more eye coordination.


The skill, which allows the infant to have nobody symmetries is termed as ambidexterity.

The development of vocal starts with the infant’s first cry’s and also with its first word that is usually dada or mama.

By the time babies reach 12 months, they can understand the words and use several words in their mumbling vocabulary. By the time the infants turn 1.5 years old, their vocabulary usually has more or precisely 250 words.


In the infant’s life, the most observed development is the emotional one. By the time the mother takes their babies home from the hospital, or even early they show to amusement.

By four months or 6 they start to show distress, anger, disgust, delight, and even fear and by 12 months love and affection are shown to the parents from the infant.

The first couple of years are very crucial in one’s life. This time plays a crucial role and can help in shaping their behavior later in life. You should also take care of the products you buy for them they should be productive and convenient for your babies Baby seater sale allows you to buy the best products for your babies.